Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Month of Celebrations

May 2010 will be a month of celebrations.  Our oldest child, Nick, will be graduating high school.  We have always homeschooled our children.  So while the typical high school graduation is an event worthy of great celebration, a homeschool hogh school celebration is an event celebrated by the entire family! My husband and I have raised our children to seek God first, to love the Lord, to love learning and always seek the truth.  We have covered each of our children in prayer throughout their lives.  They are precious gifts.

Nick will be participating in a local Homeschool High School Graduation with the Pinellas Parent Educators Association on May 1st. He will also be participating in Commencement Exercises with the Florida Parent-Educators Association at the Annual FPEA Homeschool Convention on May 30th.  What a month this will be!  We are excited to see family come in from all over the country to join us in celebrating with Nick.

Today was bittersweet though, as I realized this is the last day I will make lesson plans for my son.  We have our final four days of school this week.  It seems like only yesterday he was learning to read.

Nick, then and now....


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