Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Joy of Weekly Lesson Plans

Yes, I am one of those homeschool moms that simply love writing the weekly lesson plans. Maybe that is why I went to graduate school for curriculum and design - to write really good lesson plans! :-)

Now, seriously I do enjoy writing my weekly lesson plans for our children. This year the kids are completing 8th grad, 10th grade and 12th grade(dual-enrolled at the local community college.) So each Sunday evening I sit and move lesson plans, created last June, into my weekly list. I look at our outside commitments and place the appropriate lessons into each day and subject for the week. The kids each have their own report, listing by subject, what needs to be accomplished each day.

In the past I have used notebook paper and pencil. (Always pencil, as there were always changes to be made.) I graduated to making plans in Word, including hyperlinks to needed online resources. Of course there were seasons where I printed forms or created my own and filled them in by hand each week. Then I finally found my tool of choice: Homeschool Tracker.

I create a list of lessons for each book/activity in a subject area during the summer months. Then as each week arrives I move the needed lessons - typically five - into the assignment grid for the week for each student. I then print my report and we are good to go!

I'll spend more time on lesson planning in the coming weeks. But if you are eager and want to know sooner than later, you can attend an upcoming workshop. My next workshop is February 6th at 10am at the Tampa Bay Homeschool Conference & Expo.

Check back later this week for a lesson plan update. Have a blessed week!

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