Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Joy of Being Present

Being present, in the midst, in the here and now is something I find difficult sometimes. Yet, it is something I strive to achieve. I want to be in the midst of the every day stuff. 

It is my nature to be a researcher and planner.  I love to plan for the next big thing.  What is the next big thing?  The next trip, the new lesson plans - even the menu for next week can all be things I am planning. While I enjoy planning the next big thing, I need to be mindful of the here and now. 

I love meal time at our home.  We gather around the kitchen table for every single meal.  I LOVE this!  We even gather for a snack or special dessert too.  So on any given day we are gathered around our table as a family at the very least of three times a day.  This is precious time to me.  Sure, not all meals are full of great attitudes.  And sometimes my "surprise" meals are better in the garbage.  But...we are present.  We laugh together almost every single time we gather around the table.

I challenge you to be present this week.  Life can pass us by so quickly.  Become part of your family time together.  Find something you can all enjoy together.  Family game nights can be a source of great laughter and memories.  We enjoy family movie nights at our home.  What do you do the be "in the moment" with your family?

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