Friday, February 26, 2010

The Joy of Fellowship and a Book Giveaway!

Yesterday I had the pleasure to host a few homeschool moms at my home for coffee and tea.  Oh, the joy that comes from being in fellowship with like-minded people!  I think we all left that gathering last night with renewed joy and excitement to homeschool our children!  The interesting thing is that everyone was new to someone there.  I was blessed with sweet ladies from my church, my homeschool group and a sweet new friend. 

While we all love to find that special place of fellowship, often we allow hurdles to block out paths to this joy.  We may allow cold weather (and wow, it was cold last night!) and attitudes of those around us rob of us of the opportunity to be in fellowship.  I urge you to find that special place, that special group of friends that you can surround yourself in encouragement and allow your cup to be filled.

As homeschool moms we give all day long.  We give to our children, we give to our homeschool groups, we give to our churches, we give to our husbands.  When we give and give, we need someone to give to us.  We simply cannot allow ourselves to give and never receive.  We empty our cups of all the encoruagement and sweetness and we are left with an empty cup.  Find a way to fill it up! 

Last night my cup was filled as I sat around the table of like-mind women connected by homeschooling and our faith in a loving God!  What an encouragement and cup-filling event!  It all comes back to seeking God's will and turning our eyes to what He has for us each adn every day!

My birthday is tomorrow, but I want to give the gift!  I am giving away a copy of my book Curriculum Workshop! So leave a comment below and I will pick a random comment to win a copy!  Comments left by 8pm ESTon Sunday are eligible.  I will post the winner shortly after 8pm on Sunday. 


  1. I am blessed to say that I was one of the ladies present in God's fellowship. My cup is running over!! I totally agree that we should be put ourselves in the position to be filled by others. Its hard at times because we're so use to giving that we don't know how to receive. Allow yourself to be filled because the charge is well worth it! We're no good to anyone ...on empty.

  2. I agree! We always give, give, give, and give some more. We NEED to make a choice to open our hearts and receive. We need time for ourselves! I am very blessed to have been one that was there last night. God was blessing all of us.

  3. Like Becky, I was one of the blessed ones last night. Had such a wonderful time. Thanks so much! :)