Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Joy of Dependence

This past weekend was filled with joy. The joy of being in the arms of my beloved husband of twenty years as we danced at the Valentine’s Day Dance hosted by our church was unlike any other Valentine’s Day we have shared. As I danced with my husband, I actually was reflecting on something our pastor had shared in the Saturday night service the prior evening. In the midst of his sermon, he used the phrase “there is joy in dependence”. Of course this immediately brought me back to my quest for Joy.
Dependence is usually looked at in such a negative light. According to society we are to be independent. Yet, I find myself relishing in the thought of being dependent on the Lord and what he has for me. I depend on the Lord much like the Israelites depended on the Lord: for their daily sustenance and guidance. I depend on the Lord to take each fear away, and replace it with his reminders of his provision, protection and love.

After praying on this subject for a few days, God reminded me something very significant. I often have unrealistic expectations of others. As a server, my nature is to meet another’s expectations. I enjoy serving my husband dinner, taking my children places they need to be, and giving my service to others in need. I hold high standards for myself when I serve. On the flip side, I find myself never allowing many to serve me. I don’t want to be a bother to anyone. Yet, when I find myself needing help, I expect someone to help me. My expectations are that someone will remember a date, will know to check on me when I am sick or lend a helping hand without being asked. God reminds me that I need to depend upon him alone. Sure our human nature allows us to become upset when we perceive that we are forgotten. But there is joy in dependence on the Lord and those he places around us. It is okay to depend upon others

I continued to think on this thought of joy in dependence as I danced with my husband Sunday evening. I depended on God to give me a husband that I could depend upon. I have been blessed in immeasurable ways. I stand in awe of what God affords me and blesses me with. I need to remember to depend upon the Lord and realize that my expectations of others need to be realistic.

On to other thoughts today….I am thinking and planning our curriculum for next school year. This week I am working on realistic expectations for our school year. You can follow along with me over at my website: Excellent Quests.

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