Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Joy of Being Me...

I am beginning a new Bible study this week: God's Good Gifts: A Scrapbooking Bible Study for Women's Groups. This first week is a long look into being me.  It might be hard to reflect on ourselves as we are always reflecting on our children or our husband.  It is so much easier to think what we need to do to care for someone else.  But you know what?  We need to celebrate ourselves and the way God made us.  He has equipped us for being us!  Isn't that amazing that God equips us to be just what he needs us to be?  Today, I am putting my thougths in a scrapbook page and thanking God for making me just the way I am.

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  1. I did that study w/ my girlfriends. We had a blast. The book we ended with will be a wonderful keepsake for my children down the road. I am so glad we did it. Be sure to put pictures in EVERY sections. Cause it will be easy to say Oh I will go back and add things to it, but you never will. You are off to a great start. I hope you are going to share each page w/ us!!!!