Monday, June 7, 2010

Product Review Monday: Giving Credit

Today I completed and printed my oldest child's final high school transcript.  (Big sigh!)

It was easy....really.  I used Homeschool Tracker!  And before you think this is one giant ad for Homeschool Tracker, I do not work for them or receive compensation in any way.

We often complain of bad service or products.  But what would happen if we filled our time promoting the really good things out there?  Isn't it great when someone shares a great product, class or book?  I love finding a deal, but a quality product is even better in my mind.

Homeschool Tracker is by far the best homeschool record keeping software around.  If you are even thinking of homeschooling high school, this product is a must.  I am serious when I say it took all the headaches away from the college application process.  In a matter of mere minutes I was able to print a transcript in the proper form required by each individual university.  One university wanted a combined transcript listed by subject, while another school wanted subjects and courses listed by date.  And finally the whopper of them all wanted a transcript listing all courses take listed by subject to include a course description and a list of all materials used notated alphabetically by author.  Yep, eleven pages later and less than ten minutes, they got their transcript as requested!

Homeschool Tracker allows you to even try a free version before you buy the plus version.  I started with the free version and used it years ago before our high school years.  It was great for the first year, but then I wanted more!  Homeschool Tracker Plus, does everything I need it to do, and more!

I as a curriculum developer I look for tools that help me do my job better.  This program saves me time and money, and last but surely not least, it saves me frustration.  Oh, and did I mention they have the BEST customer service in the industry.  Katie goes out of her way to make sure to offer support to you and your needs.  The forum on the site is available to everyone - not just those who pay for the plus version.  So check it out and make planning for next year easy as pie!

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