Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Joy of Documenting a Journey

It is obvious that I enjoy scrapbooking. I follow scrapbooking blogs and find inspiration from many different types of scrapbooking.  One of my favorite scrapbook artists is Stacy Julian.  She is author of Photo Freedom.  Of course she can inspire a person on so many different levels, but for me it was the freedom from being an "event" scrapbooker.  Of course I will still scrapbook our birthdays and vacations and holidays, but no longer will I negate the every day.  I could not believe that my scrapbooks had failed to show one of the most life filling acitivities in our home: homeschooling. And you can see that we have homeschooled for many years!  I am trying this year to tell more of our/my story.  I find scrapbooking to be my outlet for telling this story.



  1. I love to scrapbook, too. As you might have seen the scrapbook portfolio's I have done. But since my daughter was born in 07, I have not had time to scrapbook. One of my dear friends shared the idea of the 365 w/ me. This year they have added a digital version called Project Life Week at a Glance. Check it out....

  2. That Week at a Glance is so cool. Just very pricey! I did project 365 last year. It became so overwhelming that I could not keep up! Are you doing it this year? Tell me how! I am actually going to post a really cool new product later this week or probably next week on scraping a simple life. So check back and let me know what you think!

  3. Yes, I am doing it, yes it is pricey but I have 4 friends that are sharing in the final cost as a Christmas present for me this coming Christmas. It is soooo easy. Yeah there are days that I forget to take pics, but I have plenty to fill in on those days. :^)