Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Joy of Making a Plan Day 3 – Subjects/Course/Resources

Today is the day! Today we are going to decide what subjects and courses you will teach next school year. Isn’t that exciting and overwhelming at the same time? And of course you will then need to find the all the resources and materials you will need for your curriculum plan.

So in the effort of trying to stay one day ahead of my blog posts, I spent last night researching until the very wee hours of the morning. (But…I was loving every moment!)




Alternatively, you can make all your notes and research in a digital file. I like to use a spreadsheet I can update with links and plans.

Step One: Think about what subjects you will teach for all your children and which subjects you will teach separately. This is a huge time saver both in the planning and teaching. Then decide what subjects and courses your will be teaching next year. Make a list.

Here is my working list:

11th Grade Courses

Algebra 2

American Literature Honors

American Literature Comp

World Civilizations

American Government Honors

Political Science

Exodus Law vs. Constitutional Law

Advanced Biology w/ Lab Honors

Advanced Jewelry Making

Sewing – Garment Construction

Cake Baking and Decorating

9th Grade Courses

Algebra 1

English 1 Compositions/Poetry/Drama

Classic Literature

American History

Bible Study

Biology Honors

Drama 2


Sewing – Garment Construction

Cake Baking and Decorating

I am still in the stages of choosing our resources for some of these classes. I have a few resources already chosen, as I already own these items or will be purchasing them. I will post my resource list tomorrow.

Step Two: Take each course and develop the list of resources (books, dvds, texts, outside classes) that you will use in order to teach your child.

If you are having trouble finding resources you can always email me at justamom at tampabay dot rr do com. But I want to stress the importance of being a member of a homeschool support group. This iiis your “go to” place for guidance, support and friendships. Remember, fellowship with like-minded people enhances your homeschooling journey!

These blog posts are actually part of my book Curriculum Workshop: a guide to writing homeschool curriculum. You can purchase it here.

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