Friday, March 19, 2010

The Joy of Friday Afternoons

Friday afternoons mean so much at our home.  It is the end of a school week.  It is an afternoon reserved for fun activities, or creative adventures. It is a beginning of a weekend!  At our home, weekends are full of fun, worship time at church and projects.  My Friday afternoon has been filled with a project.  I am working on a special album for my son, Nick.  This is the first  of this type of album I am making.  See, I am a chronological scrapper.  Yes, I know....I need help!  No, seriously, I have found amazing Photo Freedom.  Literally, I have found an amazing amount of freedom from Stacy Julian's Photo Freedom.  I am learning to scrap in a more meaningful way to me. Stacy has been an incredible source of inspiration to my scrapbooking.  You should really check out her website: Stacy Julian.

While Photo Freedom is definitely difficult to find right now, Stacy has other books that are equally inspiring.  One of the most affordable books I am looking at now is over at Ella Publishing.  And one of my new friends on Facebook shared this link today for a free Ella E-Book. (Thanks Katie!!!)

(credit: Ella Publishing)

So in my effort to scrapbook in a more authentic manner, I am working on this scrapbook, and telling my story of my amazing son, Nick.  I am sharing what I see and what I have felt in order to tell the story of Nick.

So here's where I need your help.  I need manly, masculine paper and supplies.  I am on the hunt....can you help?  Leave me a comment with your suggestions.  I'll write more on Monday with what products I find.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Alice, you have so much passion and enthusiasm with scrapbooking. Wow, I really hear it in your words!

    And for manly paper what about a brown paper bag, some scrap metal and a cigar wrapper. :) As you can tell, I do not scrapbook.