Monday, March 1, 2010

The Joy of Monday Musings

Mondays are like a reset button for me.  I can begin fresh with a  new week, new ideas and new goals.  Before I begin any of these "new" things I begin with my thoughts on my Bible Study.  Aside from my Bible reading I enjoy reading a good book.  Presently, I am reading Good to Great in God's Eyes: 10 Practices Great Christians Have in Common by Chip Ingram.  To tell you that I have been reading this for over a month and am just now getting to the second chapter is even a surprise for me!  Mr. Ingram writes in a manner that invites you to come along on a journey to see yourself in a new light. 

Ingram walks you through ten life changing practices.  The first chapter dealt with thinking good thoughts. It took me over a month of prayer and study just to digest all that was included in that chapter.  There were many life application ideas as well.  Today I began chapter two: Read Great Books.  While Ingram lists books that were life changing for him, you and I may come up with a completely different list.  As a homeschool mom, a wife and even being a woman may define or lead you to find books specific to you and your life. 

So this week I am building my book list of books I want to read.  I have a list on this blog of books I am currently reading.  Yet, I wanted to make a list of books to read.  And then set a GOAL to read so many books or a specific amount of time each and every week.  Chip Ingram asks an interesting question:  What things in my life can I replace with reading great books that strengthen my walk with the Lord? 

So are you a list maker or a goal setter?  Not everyone works well with lists.  Lists can be motivators or defeat your good intentions.  Set a goal for this week.  My goal is to be more creative this week!


  1. I just started a "book club" at my church for that very reason, setting goals to finish great books. I found a few ladies that were like-minded and we're reading through a great Christian book each month then we get together to discuss it. It really holds me accountable for finishing. Great idea!

  2. Fantastic! I just reserved a copy at the library! Thank you for sharing! I would say I am a list maker :)